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Vila Viniteca will collaborate with ElBullifoundation in the writing of the Sapiens of wine

Vila Viniteca and elBullifoundation have signed a collaboration agreement to develop the knowledge of wine through the Sapiens methodology.
This method created by elBullifoundation allows ordering and understanding of any discipline in order to support training and encourage creativity.
In order to start with the project, we made a call for talent.


Vila Viniteca and elBullifoundation are looking for talent to participate in the Sapiens wine project that will take place between September 2017 and September 2018 at elBulliLab in Barcelona. Vila Viniteca will contract two candidates.
These candidates must have written and written communication skills, command of English and technical knowledge regardin sommelier sector or wine production.
The assessment of the skills will be done through the presentation of the CV and an interview in elBulliLab in early June 2017.
The project will apply the Sapiens method to the world of wine and will be led by Ferran Centelles, who will be supported by other experts who will be added during the research process.
During the year of the project will require a full-time dedication. Shorter and specialized collaborations as volunteering will be maybe accepted too.

The period for submitting applications for participation is already close

Vila Viniteca,
with the aim of improving and helping professional sommeliers, works with two organizations:

Vila Viniteca and Outlook Wine cooperates on a Schoolarship agreement based on recognizing and rewarding one of the two candidates of the "Best Student of the Year", an award that is given each academic year.

Vila Viniteca, with the aim of improving the training of professional sommeliers and contributing to the development of those who have social or economical difficulties in following specialized studies, convenes the 5th Vila Viniteca Scholarship offering two scholarships for the Sommelier CETT-UB Advanced Course with university diploma.

An opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and competence in the field of sommeliers, a profession that offers opportunities in the catering industry, marketing sector, beverage distribution department of wine companies and taking part in the initiatives of entrepreneurs.