2017 Vintage : how terribly meager yields can give birth to a Naturally Great Year !

If we look at the half empty glass – or tank -, frustration, and even sadness, will overwhelm us : historically small yields in France. The lowest of the post-war years. Cellars are empty.

Clearly, one has to state that climate hazards, methodically, worked against us this year, in a succession of definitely adverse events : an abnormally cool spring caused frost, then grape shatter, on all of Rhone cépages, and, more particularly, Grenache. This cruel Spring followed up on a dauntingly dry summer… In the end, the yields in juice are tragically affected. The Wine grower’s job becomes tightrope walker’s job… without a net.

These realities being called to mind, if we now look at the half full glass – and it is our nature to be optimistic -, the words which will come to me are relief, and even… enthusiasm ! 

These very challenging conditions indeed gave birth to first juices of so brilliant a Quality as they do better than just console us : they succeed in enticing, the Vignerons and us… !

The vines had naturally little load : they reacted magnificently to the extreme conditions of the year. The plant was able to bring its fruit to maturity, without big constraint, in an optimal way. The Wines promise to be splendidly well-balanced !

The North :

Dense, even opaque colors. A lot of concentration and expression in the Wines. Long and careful élevages will allow to civilize, to temper, the natural opulence of a somewhat ostentatious Vintage. Very long keeping Year !

The South :

Year climatically unbalanced, but Cuvées showing balance… the Bourgogne way ! This, by the grace of Old Grenache, which brought to the highest level the singular personality of the real Rhone Wine. Wines are scented, refined…

Acknowledgement :

2017 is a tense, complicated, Vintage, because of the lack of Wine. Fortunately, we were able to count on the sincere, even friendly, relationship that we built, year after year, with each of our Partners Vignerons. Thanks to this authentic accordance, we had the privilege to benefit from some of their most beautiful Cuvées. Let them be, here, most sincerely thanked.

Such sign of confidence also obliges us : our work, our duty, is to produce Cuvées highly deserving of this Vallée du Rhône that we are to serve together, the Vignerons and ourselves…

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