And if 2019 was the Dream? The Year?

By Mounir Saouma

I am the person who refuses to comment vintages before end of malolactic, which is 18 months after harvest, but we are living something exceptional this Year here between Burgundy and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and i would like to share with you.

We had lot of rain early in the season, impossible to spray or work the soil, Than we had 5 months of no rain, very very dry.

But vineyard did not stop living and working, new baby leaves, almost no any sign of water stress, this was the first Surprise, maybe vine starts dealing better with global warming,  some 17 years after 2003?

The situation today with some factors, almost impossible to understand:

We picked Montrachet and Clos de la Roche the same day, ok, but we picked the grapes that goes to Crement almost same days (normally it’s three weeks one month before), in the south we picked Mourvèdre and Grenache the same day (normally Mourvèdre is two three weeks after). We finished picking Cotes d’Or to start picking few Whites Châteauneuf-du-Pape, did not start any red Chateauneuf yet except Syrah. Clos de la Roche 13th of September, Pignan will be early October.

Still nothing exceptional or surprising? Here we go, when we say dry hot summer we say no malic acid and generally low acidity, not in 2019 as we are picking Batard with 14% and 4.2 Total Acidity in H2SO4 (6.3 Tartaric) and 3.15 PH, still resisting? We have 2g/L of Malic Acid , just to let you know that with years like 2003/2009/2015 we had almost Zero Malic, South is not more comprehensive, we picked Grenache Blanc with 14.5% and 3.9 G/L H2SO4, never saw this balance in warm area as southern Rhone, California or Spain, Syrah berries are small and fine skins, no any varietal flavor , fine classic tannins.

No need for sulfur , juice are inoxidatif, fermentations does not start easy and goes fast but the whole feeling is GREAT.

I love my profession, I am proud to be a wine producer, I am happy with every vintage for different reasons, 2019 is my 31st vintage and I think I’ll be proud to say one day: I did vinify grapes from 2019 .

Volumes, mixture of cold weather at Floraison, frost and hail, sun and no water,  we have very small crop in whites , almost half quantity (Chassagne is the worst) reds are ok in volume, average we talk about a 2003 volume, very small production but kind of Dream in Quality.

Marc Aurèle: Everything is a fruit for me, produced by your seasons, ô Nature! everything comes from you, everything is in you and everything goes back to you

Note: We will bottle our Whites 2017 after harvest , 2018 are still fermenting with few Malo and Alcoholic

Wish you the very Best

Mounir Saouma
Mounir Saouma and his wife Rotem arrived in Burgundy in 1999 to start a small and groundbreaking project. They selected grapes and small lots of winemakers who owned the best plots and convinced them to let them aged the most desired Crus. 14 years later, they started a new project in Rhone with Grenache as the protagonist. They bought vines in the best terroirs as Pignan, a magical one.

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