With the 2020 vintage and after five successful Bourgogne Presale campaigns, we reach the sixth edition with a selection of more than 370 wines from 28 exclusive Bourgogne wineries and 9 from Rhône. The main difference with previous editions is the very limited availability of most cuvées, from the most accessible Village to the most desired Grand Cru. The 2020 harvest was smaller than usual. 2021, with very adverse weather, typified by frost and a major attack of diseases, saw production drastically reduced by half. Some vineyards were never harvested. Despite the world situation marked by the pandemic, the demand of Bourgogne wines continued to increase significantly during the past year 2021. An unprecedented situation, in which the wineries saw their stocks and reserves reduce and the winegrowers already announced —before the vintage 2021—a general increase in grape prices —reaching double in some cases—, from the most basic mâconnais to the most renowned plots. Some wineries blocked their sales, others increased their rates significantly and without notice, and most of them already announced reduced quotas for the next 2020 vintage. The négociants had to adapt to the new purchase price or they would lose grape supplies. The 161st edition of the Hospices de Beaune auction confirmed the general increases. In view of these circumstances, some wineries have decided to commercialise part of their 2020 harvest this year and another part next year—along with the 2021 harvest—to try to balance their turnover. Rate increases are heterogeneous, ranging from 6% to 40% on some cuvées. And what will happen to the prices of the 2021 vintage? The immediate future will depend on the quantity and quality of the next vintages, although a return to previous prices is not expected in the short term. Unlike other prestigious wine regions such as Bordeaux or La Rioja, when Bourgogne raises prices, it hardly ever lowers them. On our last trip to Bourgogne —at the end of January— we visited 18 wineries and we were able to taste hundreds of wines from the 2020 vintage. A very seductive one. We recommend buying. BUY WINES IN BOURGOGNE 2020 PRE-SALE