Clos des Fées La Petite Sibérie 2019, wine red produced by Le Clos Des Fées from the area Languedoc-Roussillon (France) | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932

Clos des Fées La Petite Sibérie 2019

Clos des Fées La Petite Sibérie 2019

La Petite Sibérie 2019 is an extraordinary 60-year-old Grenache planted on the southern slope of a hill facing east-west and which is crossed for more than 200 days a year by a glacial wind. The wine is being aged for a year in new French oak barrels. On the nose it is pure Mediterranean, maturity, warmth and the delicious memory of the southern Grenache. Charming, with delicate notes of carob, tomato, chocolate and fruits in liquor. On the palate it is filled with a delicious tannin, without being overweight and light on the tongue. A delicious bottle for lovers of southern Grenache.




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