14th Award Vila Viniteca a Tasting Contest in Pairs









  1. VILA VINITECA proudly announces the 14th AWARD VILA VINITECA A TASTING CONTEST IN PAIRS (“14º PREMIO VILA VINITECA DE CATA POR PAREJAS”) to be held in Barcelona on March 13th 2022.
  2. The contest is open to all those people older than 18 years of age, who freely and voluntarily want to take part in it in the form of couples. Employees of Vila Viniteca, or people who have worked in companies of the Vila Viniteca group, or people who have been part of the Award Committee, may not participate in the five years prior to the contest. The organization reserves the right of admission.
  3. Registration for the contest will be exclusively accepted through our website at https://cataporparejas.vilaviniteca.es/ in a rigorous first come first served basis until available places, where the contest will be held, are completely filled. Registration period starts on January 11th 2022 at 10:00 am.
  4. The registration fee is 200 euros per pair. Registration will only come into effect once the payment is received. Please note that ID or Passport are required to register. The payment gateway accepts VISA, American Express, Mastercard and Paypal.
  5. The contest will consist of 2 rounds: ‘The Preliminary Round’ and the ‘Final Test’. Each round will proceed as follows:
    1. 7 wines will be tasted in each round; they may be whites, rosés, reds and special wines which, for this contest, are understood as Sparkling wines, Sherries, Ports or other fortified wines.
    2. All wines will be served to participants in Riedel glasses.
    3. Each glass will be tagged with a number on the base to identify each of the wines.
    4. Wines to be tasted are from all around the world with a special emphasis on Spanish wines. Wines are not necessarily part of Vila Viniteca’s portfolio.
    5. Wines will be served only once in a closed room next to the main tasting room. The process will be supervised and led at all times by Vila Viniteca’s authorized personnel.
    6. The Preliminary Round and the Final Test will last 90 and 60 minutes respectively.
    7. Information required from participants for each of the wines as well as the score points for each correct answer are as follows:
      - Country of origin (1 point).
      - Wine region/area (1 point).
      - Specific Appellation of Origin (2 points).
      - Grape variety/ies (3 points).
      - Vintage (3 points).
      - Winery/Producer (3 points).
      - Brand name (2 points).
      - Tasting notes: To be taken into account only to break any tie.
    8. Only the top 10 scoring pairs in the Preliminary Round will go through to the Final Test. In case of a tie, the Jury will consider tasting notes from each pair to determine a winner.
    9. In the event of a tie during the Final Test, the Jury will take into account, regarding final classification, tasting notes and scores obtained previously in the Preliminary Round.
    10. In order to safeguard anonymity as a precondition of fair competition each pair of participants and their questionnaire will be identified by a number, which, in turn, will be assigned by the appointed Notary supervising the contest.
    11. Members of the same pair/team are allowed to communicate with each other, but not with any other contestant and/or any member of the audience. Not complying with this rule will result in automatic disqualification.
    12. Participants must fill in the questionnaire they will be provided with, and once the form has been handed in, no modifications will be accepted under any circumstances.
    13. Mobile phones or any other electronic device able to connect to the internet or any other type of connection will not be allowed under any circumstances in the tasting room area. Likewise, books, catalogues or notebooks will also be forbidden in the tasting room. Not complying with these rules will result in automatic disqualification.
    14. Participants are not allowed under any circumstances to leave the tasting room during the contest. In the event if any participant leaves or needs to leave the tasting room during contest his/her team will have to submit their questionnaire and consider their participation finished.
  6. Jury members, appointed by Vila Vinateca, are well-known sommeliers, oenologists and food & wine journalists. Vila Viniteca will choose one of them to act as president of the Jury.
  7. Wines and their information and details will only be known by Vila Viniteca employees selecting such wines and supervising the contest as well as the Notary in charge of preserving conditions of fair competition. Members of the Jury will be informed about the wines blind tasted only after all questionnaires have been submitted.
  8. Contest Management and the President of the Jury will safeguard and ensure that the contest is run appropriately. Once all questionnaires have been evaluated, final scores will be obtained for each pair as a result of adding up correct answers given for each wine (as indicated in point 5 g of these rules)..
  9. The Jury’s decisions are final and no appeal will be accepted unless obvious irregularities have occurred and are proven. Registration in this contest implies the acceptance of these rules.
  10. The “14th Award Vila Viniteca Tasting Contest in Pairs” award prizes as follows:
    1st place: € 30,000
    2nd place: € 7,000
    3rd place: € 3,000
    The 3 finalist teams will receive, in addition to the prize, a set of Riedel glasses and decanters.
    The 10 finalist teams will receive a special wine selection.
  11. All prizes must be awarded. No prize will be left vacant.
  12. The monetary prizes are subject to all applicable taxes under current Spanish laws.
  13. Any changes to these rules required to improve the progress of the contest will be announced to participants before contest commences.
  14. Full enforcement of these rules regarding organization, participants, and Jury members will be guaranteed by appointed Notary.


We will communicate the requirements regarding the COVID-19 passport in accordance with the applicable regulations on March 13th, 2022.
In the event of having to cancel the competition, the organization will refund the full amount of the registration fee, as well as if a pair of contestants cancel their participation with one week's notice due to justified reasons.


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