Selection of the month


Gallinas y Focas 2018, VT Mallorca
Sa Forana 2018, VT Menorca   
Ophiusa 2018, Formentera
Artífice Tinto 2017, DO Ycoden-Daute-Isora
Barbeito 5 Years Malvasia Reserve (0,5 L), Madeira D.O.P.
Te Mata Sauvignon Blanc Estate Vineyards 2019, New Zealand

Price for the members of "El Club": €89.95


We dedicated the The Club of February to six fantastic islands in both the Old and New World. From the Mediterranean Sea we propose three magnificent reds from the Balearic Islands: from Mallorca, the 4Kilos project together with the Amadip Esment foundation; from Menorca, the great wine of the Solano Molins family in Sant Climent; and from Formentera, the second wine from Cap de Barbaria, one of the few existing wineries within the island. From the Canary Islands –where vineyards have been cultivated since the 16th century– the young Borja Pérez heads two fantastic projects with the aim of recovering forgotten varieties and vineyards. Madeira is another of the historic harbours with a greater tradition in the wine trade and it is where Barbeito began to bottle selected plots and exceptional batches of a very limited production. And finally, from Hakwes Bay –on the north island of New Zealand–, one of the most emblematic wines of Te Mata, one of the oldest family wineries in the island, founded in 1896. 

A magnificent selection that costs €101.25 and that we offer to “El Club” members at the fantastic price of €89.95