Selection of the month




1 Niepoort Lagar de Baixo 2017
1 Niepoort Dão Rotulo Branco 2017
1 Niepoort Drink Me Nat Cool 2018
1 Susana Esteban Aventura 2016
1 Susana Esteban Procura 2015
1 Susana Esteban Procura Na Ânfora Blanco 2018

Special price for members of “The Club”: €95.95

We started the year with Portugal, a special wine selection that takes us to Alentejo, Bairrada and Dão together with Dirk Niepoort and Susana Esteban.
Dirk Niepoort is one of the most restless characters in the world of wine. He revolutionized Douro with magnificent white and red wines, demonstrating that there is life beyond the Portos. Lagar de Baixo is made with the native Baga variety, and it is a delicate and seductive wine, which wants to value the red wines of Bairrada; Dão Rotulo Branco is a fresh white without makeup, assembling several disused white varieties; Drink Me Nat Cool, finally, is part of a new wine concept, an accessible, light and fresh proposal, also made with Baga.
Susana Esteban decided to embark on her personal adventure in 2009 after working in several wineries in Douro and Alentejo. She started with two beautiful plots that he found in 2011 and, little by little, she has been incorporating vineyards into his project. Adventure and Procura are the two reds with which he began his step from winemaker to winemaker. The first is soft, fresh and elegant. Procura is an assembly of Alicante Bouschet and other native varieties. A powerful red wine, delicate and with personality. Procura Na Ânfora Blanco is the new vintage of its white wine aged in amphora, a mineral and complex proposal on the nose. Six wines that demonstrate the great richness of Portugal.