Selection of the month


header_seccio_club_noviembre_enSINGULAR WINES OF CASTILLA Y LEÓN

1 Belondrade Quinta Apolonia 2018
1 Terras Gauda Quinta Sardonia 2014
1 Prieto Relaiente Confines de Prieto Relaiente 2016
1 Prieto Relaiente The Province 2016
1 Machine & Table Terrazas de Serapia 2017
1 Machine & Serapia Table 2017

Special price for members of “The Club”: €102.80

Our Club this month consists of six wines that are part of a small catalog of unique wines that are born in Castilla y León. The region has a great viticultural diversity, with very old vineyards, examples of ancestral viticulture, with little production and unique character. Wines with personality and innovative soul that present versatile wines from Castilla.