La Teca

La Teca

The Vila Viniteca gastronomy shop «La Teca» is recognized as one of the best-stocked gourmet stores in Barcelona and is a reference as an essential visit by numerous Barcelona guides or prestigious publications of The New York Times or Monocle.

Founded in 1932 on Agullers Street No. 9 by the grandparents of the current owners, what began as a traditional grocery store where they sold fruit, oil, sugar and honey. They also served wine, liquors, cavas, fruits and vegetables to the restaurants and hotels in the area. Nowadays is one of the reference stores where you can find high quality gastronomic products. A modern establishment with an impressive selection of cheeses, hams, sausages, tinned food and all kinds of delicatessen products.

We have an impressive selection of more than 350 artisanal cheeses in stock, hams and sausages of exceptional quality, and unique olive oils and tinned food.

We have a tasting area to enjoy the exquisite products of the shop paired with excellent wines and cavas, and an old cava –from the XIV century– for small groups, where you can enjoy a meal with family or friends. A team of professional experts advises and recommends customers, and continues to look for new products that surprise the most demanding palates.

Every Christmas we offer the menu of the stars, a very special menu, to enjoy at home, prepared by some of the most famous chefs of restaurants awarded with Michelin stars.

Our schedule is from Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 8.30pm. We do not close at noon. For your convenience, we serve at home.


The catalog of Vila Viniteca is characterized by a careful selection of gourmet products of the highest quality. The work in close collaboration with the different producers and processors helps us to have a wide selection of artisan cheeses and Iberian sausages of exceptional quality; a unique offer of unique preserves; virgin olive oils from the best oil mills; vegetables and fresh fruits, and a careful selection of rice, pasta, biscuits, chocolates, spices... And complements to enrich the best dishes.

A large exhibition with more than 350 different types of handmade cheese in stock. Most are made with raw milk, from different countries and provenances. The impressive assortment in continuous rotation and with special attention to the best seasonal cheeses, together with the ideal conditions of our two maturing and refined cava, make Vila Viniteca one of the best assorted establishments and cheese specialists in Barcelona. A complete and exclusive selection of cheeses from cow, goat and sheep, from all corners of the world, some of them made by small producers that elaborate very limited units, and that we carefully tune in our chambers of maturation and fine tuning.
A team of professional experts advise our customers, explain the differences between the cheeses for a successful choice, how to marry them and accompany them with other products, and their preservation and presentation.
Vila Viniteca is renowned for providing cheese to some of the most renowned gastronomic restaurants and hotels in Spain, advising them on the elaboration of cheese charts and training their staff to make the most of the cheese.

We make tastings and tastings in our facilities and also for clients, in restaurants, hotels, fairs and events.

In Vila Viniteca you will find the best hams and sausages. By piece or cut, we have the best brands representing the different Denominations of Origin: Salamanca, Extremadura, Valley of the Pedroches, Huelva, Seville, .. Special additions of hams Joselito as the Gran Reserva 2005 or Personal Reserve 2002 and editions of Jamones Maldonado. Presa Ibérica, inlays of Llania or Els Casals or the mythical Llonganissa Sendra.

We make tastings in our facilities.

A wide representation of virgin olive oils of small processors of the highest quality of the best areas of Spain or Italy.

A radical selection of cans with the best vegetables from La Catedral and the best tinned seafood from emblematic companies such as La Compúcia or Paco Lafuente. Some products like clams have a limited reserve of vintages.

Vila Viniteca has a tasting area where you can taste any of the products of the store, in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, advised by our professionals and sommeliers, able to surprise the most demanding palates with the most suggestive pairings. A good opportunity to taste the products of the store and to be able to acquire them later. The exclusive selection of bread made by neighboring Fleca Vilamala stands out. Exceptional breads of spelled, kamut or rustic.

Since 2006, every Christmas Vila Viniteca brings together 4 great chefs and friends with Michelin star to create a Christmas menu that our customers can enjoy at home. An entree, cannelloni, a roast chicken and a dessert. Full menus or separate dishes can be purchased. A comfortable and delicious way to celebrate Christmas.
The following chefs have been part of La Cocina de las Estrellas:

  • 2018: Francesc Rovira (Fonda Xesc - Gombrèn, Girona), Sílvia Hofmann (Restaurant Hofmann - Barcelona), Sergio and Javier Torres (Cocina Hermanos Torres - Barcelona), Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch (Disfrutar - Barcelona)
  • 2017: Albert Sastregener (Bo.TiC - Corça, Girona), Joel Castanyé (La Boscana - Bellvis, Lleida), Fran López (Villa Retiro - Xerta, Tarragona), Albert Adrià (Tickets - Barcelona)
  • 2016: Xixo Castaño (Malena - Granollers, Lleida), Fina Puigdevall (Les Cols - Olot, Girona), Albert Raurich (Dos Palillos - Barcelona), Romain Fornell (Caelis - Barcelona)
  • 2015: Jordi Esteve (Nectari - Barcelona), Sergio Humada (Via Veneto - Barcelona), Ramon Freixa (Ramon Freixa - Madrid and Barcelona), Jordi Roca (Rocambolesc - Girona)
  • 2014: Víctor Quintillà (Lluerna - Santa Coloma de Gramenet), Oriol Rovira (Els Casals - Sagàs), Fermí Puig (Fermí Puig - Barcelona) and Artur Martínez (Capritx - Terrassa). See menu 2014
  • 2013: Jean Louis Neichel (Neichel - Barcelona), Carles Gaig (Gaig - Barcelona), Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany - Calldetenes, Osona) and Marc Gascons (Els Tinars - Llagostera, Girona)
  • 2012: Quim Casellas (Casamar - Llafran, Girona), Fran López (Torreó de l'Indià - Xerta, Tarragona), Jordi Juncà (Ca l'Enric - Vall de Bianya, Girona) and Oriol Ivern (Hisop - Barcelona)
  • 2011: Xavier Franco (Saüc - Barcelona), Jordi Cruz (Àbac - Barcelona / L'Angle - Sant Fruitós de Bages - Barcelona), Diego Campos (Rincón de Diego Campos (Rincón de Diego - Cambrils, Tarragona) and Pere Arpa (Ca l'Arpa - Banyoles, Girona)
  • 2010: Paco Pérez (Miramar – Llançà, Girona), Javier and Sergio Torres (Dos Cielos – Barcelona), Àngel Pascual (Lluçanès – Barcelona) and Jordi Artal (5 Sentits – Barcelona).
  • 2009: Fina Capdevila (Les Cols – Olot, Girona ), Carles Tejedor (Via Veneto, Barcelona), Joan Bosch (Can Bosch – Cambrils, Tarragona) and Jordi Herrera (Manairó – Barcelona).
  • 2008: Carles Abellán (Comerç 24 – Barcelona), Xavier Pellicer (Àbac – Barcelona), Oriol Rovira (Els Casals – Sagàs, Berguedà) and Jordi Vilà (Alquímia – Barcelona)
  • 2007: Sergi Arola (Arola – Barcelona), Carles Gaig (Gaig – Barcelona), Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany – Calldetenes, Barcelona) and Mey Hofmann (Hofmann – Barcelona)
  • 2006: Romain Fornell (Caelis – Barcelona), Jean Luc Figueras (Jean Luc Figueras – Barcelona), Fermí Puig (Drolma – Barcelona) and Ramon Freixa (El Racó d'en Freixa – Barcelona)