En Primeur vintage 2019

Alvaro Palacios
Peter Sisseck
Sierra Cantabria
Teso la Monja
Comando G
Dominio de Es
Clos des Fees
Tenuta di Trinoro
Hospices de Beaune
Selecciones Avanzadas Vila Viniteca

In international circuits of great wines, it is common for négociants to reserve wines En Primeur before going to market. Buyers taste the wine directly from the barrel before the end of the ageing period - before bottling - and assess the quality of the harvest. This way they analyze the possibilities of the wine, buy a certain number of boxes according to the availability of the winery, pay them to the producer and then offer them to their clients at an advantageous price a few months before the physical delivery of the bottles. The added value of the wine depends on the quality of the harvest, the prestige of the producer and the number of bottles put on sale. Some mythical wines easily double the price and even triple it when the bottles are delivered a few months later.

This practice, which is normal in prestigious areas such as Bordeaux, is relatively new in our country, where only in 13 exclusive wineries, and due to the great demand around the world, we make our reservation and buy at the advanced level so as not to be left without. Thus, we offer you the possibility of buying En Premieur and enjoying two great advantages: buying at the best price and securing some bottles before they run out.


Experience: Since 1932. We are supported by a long tradition, many years of experience and a great team of professionals who will help you make a good choice. For 21 years we have been pioneers in En Primeur sales in Spain.
Careful selection: We taste in barrels to guarantee your best choice, accompanied by detailed information on each wine and our personal opinions.
Buy in single units: Unlike most négociants in Bordeaux, we offer you the possibility of buying by the bottle at the same price without having to keep a full case of each wine. This allows you to select your preferred bottles without obligation to buy more wine than you are interested in.
Wide offer: We have the highest quotas for some wines. Some of them are bottled exclusively for us. In this 2019 vintage you can choose from a wide variety of white and red wines.
Exclusivity: We sell some cuvées exclusively worldwide. We also offer the possibility of buying in different bottle sizes. Some formats are bottled exclusively for us.
Without intermediaries: We receive the wines directly from the winery.
Free shipping: At any point of the Peninsula.


- The wines are currently ageing in barrels and will be available between 8 and 24 months from the order.
- Sale by bottle or complete boxes. Price per bottle in euros VAT included.
- Offer without obligation. We reserve the possibility of assigning a maximum of bottles of each wine per customer and some will be distributed proportionally.
- The shipment will be made once the order is completed.
- Posibility of collect in Vila Viniteca. C/Agullers, 7 (Barcelona) or in El Mostrador (Madrid) without any charge.- Free shipping at any point of the Peninsula.

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For any enquiry, please contact with: eshop@vilaviniteca.es