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What is En Primeur, and why would you buy these wines ?

In the international wine trade, buyers taste and evaluate the quality of the vintage before bottling. 

They reserve a certain number of cases of En Primeur wines and offer them to their customers at an advantageous price before physical delivery. The value of the wine depends on the quality of the vintage, the prestige of the winemaker and the number of bottles available. This practice is relatively new in our country, where we reserve and buy En Primeur from 14 wineries to make sure we do not run out of bottles. 

We offer you the opportunity to buy En Primeur and enjoy two great advantages: the best price and the assurance of having some bottles before they run out.

Why would you buy En Primeur at Vila Viniteca?


  • Experience: Since 1932. Tradition, experience and a great team of professionals. Pioneers in Spain offering En Primeur wines for 25 years. 
  • Careful selection: We taste in barrel to guarantee the best choice with detailed information and personal opinions. 
  • Buy by bottle: You can buy the bottles you prefer at the same price, no need to buy full cases. 
  • Wide offer: You can choose more than 200 white and red wines, some of them bottled exclusively for us. 
  • Exclusivity: Some cuvées are exclusive and you can only find them at Vila Viniteca. We offer different bottle formats as well. 
  • No intermediaries: We receive the wines directly from the winery. 
  • Free delivery: Anywhere in the peninsula from €59,95 if you buy using our eSHOP.

En Primeur sale notice

Offer without obligation and valid until September 30, 2024.  
We reserve the right to allocate a maximum number of bottles of each wine per customer, and some will be distributed proportionally. Allocations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  
En Primeur 2023: Wines available between 8 and 24 months from the order.  
Special Pre-sale Château Latour and Special Pre-sale USA: Wines available between 3 and 6 months from the order. 

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