Encontres #6 Oriol i Marc 2018

Encontres #6 Oriol i Marc 2018

Encontres #6 Oriol i Marc 2018 is the latest wine by Marc Lecha. A white wine made with Oriol Pérez de Tudela from an old Macabeu planted in traditional low vine plantation system in 1950 in Vilabella (Alt Camp). A “brisado” that tries to recover the traditional and historical style of the wines from Tarragona. First, macerating the grape juice with the skins for 96 hours and then with an ageing in 300 liters used chestnut-wood barrels. Exclusive 700 bottles and 30 Magnum.




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Encontres #6 Oriol i Marc 2018
is the latest edition of their wines. A white wine made with Oriol Pérez de Tudela (Sine Qua Non and Camí de la Font) from an old Macabeu vineyard planted in glass in 1950 in Vilabella (Alt Camp), at an altitude of 240 metres and where a Mediterranean climate prevails. It is a lot - "la partida de dalt" (the lot above) - that grows on clay-calcareous soils. The viticulture that is practiced is ecological and of very low intervention. The harvest was on August 28, 2018 and, once in the winery, the grape was completely destemmed, leaving it to macerate with its skins for 96 hours, just to look for that brisado wine profile, so characteristic of some traditional Tarragona wines. The yeasts are autochthonous (vat from the same vineyard). Once pressed, the must finished fermentation in a stainless steel tank and was then racked into two used 300-litere chestnut wood barrels. The wine was gently filtered before bottling on June 19th, 2019. Exclusive 700 bottles and 30 Magnum.

TASTING NOTES (Published in El Club April 2020)
Encontres #6 Oriol i Marc 2018
has a seductive bright golden colour and is slightly cloudy. It is embracing on the nose, with intense notes of white flowers, citrus peel and slightly oxidized apple. As time passes in the glass, it shows sweet notes of honey and a spicy touch of cinnamon. On the palate it envelops the entire palate with a silky and unctuous texture structured by a good freshness that makes it balanced and pleasant, and that intensifies the aromas of white stone fruit and lemon. Delicious and persistent hints of liquorice with a bitter touch that invites you to take a second sip. An exquisite, perfumed and intense white wine, perfect to accompany pasta salads, a table of cold cuts and cheeses, rice dishes, light pickles, stewed white meats and cold cuts. To uncork now and for the next 4 years, served between 8 and 10ºC in the Riesling glass from the Vinum de Riedel series (6416/15) or in the Viognier / Chardonnay from the Veritas de Riedel series (6449/05).

For Marc Lecha, Encontres #6 is "a Macabeo of old vines that pays tribute to Tarragona's tradition of fresh wines".