Gramona Col·lecció d'Art 1999 (Magnum), wine white produced by Gramona from the area Corpinnat (Spain) | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932

Gramona Col·lecció d'Art 1999 (Magnum)

Gramona Col·lecció d'Art 1999 (Magnum)

Gramona is one of the few wineries from Penedès that have explored and demonstrated the long life of its sparkling wines, taking them to the limit of ageing. In 1986 the family made his first plantation in the historical Estate of the family, Mas Escorpí, with a few hectares of this variety. Gramona Col·lecció d’Art 1999 (Magnum) is made of grapes from this area, and after almost 20 years of resting in its cellars, the exclusive 200 numbered bottles produced can finally be enjoyed.




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