Gutiérrez Colosía Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero, wine white produced by Gutierrez Colosia from the area Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (Spain) | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932

Gutiérrez Colosía Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero

Gutiérrez Colosía Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero

Gutiérrez Colosía is located on the banks of Guadalete river, in Puerto de Santa María. Founded in 1838, it is one of the historical wineries in the region, today run by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Colosía and his wife Carmen Pou, from Mallorca. Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero has a minimum ageing of 7 years. Its name comes from Calle Sangre, that was close to the central market, where the butchers were located, and Trabajadero was the name that received the barrel warehouse of Bodegas Cuvillo. Gutiérrez Colosía acquired in the eighties the “solera” of that winery. Gutiérrez Colosía began bottling and launching their wines in 1997. A complex Oloroso with toasted and quince touches. Deep, dry and very long on the palate. Perfect with cured sheep cheeses such as Manchego.




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