Niepoort Lagar de Baixo 2017

Niepoort Lagar de Baixo 2017


Lagar de Baixo 2017 is a monovarietal of Baga, a variety for which Dirk Niepoort feels passion. This one, in particular, is born in Quinta de Baixo (Bairrada) from old vineyards, between 40 and 60 years old, of Cantanhede, an area with calcareous soil, which produces wines of a slight yellow colour, low in alcohol, elegant and fine. The wine fermented in open presses and in 2,500-L stainless steel vats, where it also underwent malolactic fermentation. Aged for 20 months in large barrels and bottled without filtering. Total production of 9,900 bottles.

TASTING NOTES (Published in El Club de January 2020)
Lagar de Baixo 2017 has a beautiful garnet colour, very bright and limpid. On the nose it is slightly shy, but as time goes by, aromas of berry fruits such as raspberries and black cherries emerge, with light spicy touches that are reminiscent of pink pepper and that are combined with balsamic notes such as eucalyptus. On the palate it is round and structured with an ethereal texture of polished tannins, only present at the end of the mouth, but which after a few months in the bottle will melt with the whole. A good freshness makes it a balanced and pleasant wine, ideal to accompany pasta dishes with sauce, mountain rice, cold cuts or grilled meats, and goat or sheep cheeses with little curing time. To be enjoyed from now on and for the next 4 years served slightly fresh, between 15 and 17ºC, in the Chianti glass of the Vinum de Riedel series (6416/15) or in the Cabernet / Merlot glass of the Vinum Extreme series (6416/0 ).

Lagar de Baixo 2017 is the best Niepoort wine if we talk about value for money. It is an example of the typicality of the limestone from Bairrada and the typicality of the Baga also from Bairrada. A fine and elegant wine, aged in 2,500 liter vats for almost 2 years ”, says Dirk Niepoort.