Oller del Mas Vermut , spirit from the area Pla de Bages | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932

Oller del Mas Vermut

Oller del Mas Vermut

Oller del Mas is a reference winery in Pla de Bages, currently managed by the 36th generation of the family. In addition to its wines and its work with picapoll negra, one of the indigenous varieties of the area, it also makes a limited production vermouth. Oller del Mas Vermut is produced with a base of wine, precisely from picapoll negra, together with alcohol that has been macerated with 24 different herbs, such as wormwood, coriander, cinchona or lemon balm, most of them from the estate. After, it is aged in 300-liter French oak barrels for 6 months. An excellent and sweet companion for appetizers.




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