Selection "El Club" July 2021: White wines from Europe

Selection "El Club" July 2021: White wines from Europe


SELECTION Nº. 314, JULY 2021

"White wines from Europe"

1 Fio Rätzelhaft 2018
1 Maculan Vespaiolo 2020
1 Susana Esteban Aventura Branco 2019
1 Marcel Deiss Muscat Spring 2016 
1 Alzinger Grüner Veltliner Dürnstein Federspiel 2020 
1 Movia Gredič Friulano 2019

Special price for “El Club” members: €88.95

For the month of July we propose a magnificent selection of European whites, made with unique and practically unpublished and little-known grapes in our country. From Germany, the Niepoort Riesling; from Italy, the Maculan Vespaiola; from Portugal, an assembly of historical "castas" by Susana Esteban; from France, the Alsatian Muscat in biodynamics by Marcel Deiss; from Austria, its most traditional variety, Alzinger's Grüner Veltliner; and from Slovenia, Movia's biodynamic G reen Sauvignon. Six magnificent whites to enjoy with summer gastronomy.

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    • Manufacturer: Vila Viniteca