Selection "El Club" May 2022: Domaine Rolet

Selection "El Club" May 2022: Domaine Rolet


SELECTION Nº. 324, MAY 2022

"Domaine Rolet"

1 Domaine Rolet Arbois Blanc Tradition 2014 
1 Domaine Rolet Arbois Rouge Mémorial 1997 (Magnum) 
1 Domaine Rolet Arbois Trousseau 1988 (Magnum) 
1 Domaine Rolet Arbois Chardonnay 2018 


Special price for the members of El Club: 114,95 € 

The Jura wine region is one of the smallest —in area— in France, but one of the largest in terms of scope and diversity. In recent years, many importers from around the world have fixed their attention on an area desired by winelovers and sommeliers alike, and with which we are bond by a vinification familiar to us: aging under the "velo de flor”

Jura has a wide variety of soils and topography, so the range of wines it offers is highly varied, with some great references full of history.

This May we are offering you a very special selection: four magnificent wines from the prestigious Domaine Rolet that we chose exclusively from their old reserves —during our visit last December— for members of El Club.

Two whites vinified in two different ways, Tradition 2014 under a "velo de flor” and Chardonnay 2018, also aged, but without the presence of the veil. With the reds, two unique jewels in magnum format, Mémorial 1997 and Trousseau 1988, which have evolved amazingly after 25 and 34 years respectively.

An absolutely exceptional selection valued at €143.40 which we are offering to members of El Club at the special price of €114.95.


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    • Manufacturer: Vila Viniteca
    • Country: Spain