Selection "El Club" September 2021: Montsant

Selection "El Club" September 2021: Montsant




1 Trossos Sants Blanc 2019
1 Santbru 2017
1 Vinyes Domenech Furvus 2018
1 Venus La Universal 2017
1 Sindicat de la Figuera 2019
1 La Nit de les Garnatxes Panal 2020

Special price for “El Club” members: €99.95

The Designation of Origin Montsant, with only 20 years, has already established itself as one of the Catalan designations with a greatest projection. More than 900 years cultivating vineyards in 16 municipalities in Tarragona –next to the Priorat–, with 59 registered wineries and a surface area of ​​1,863.80 hectares of vineyards.
We have selected five reds and one white from six from prestigious wineries for this Club: the great wine of Sara Pérez and René Barbier in Venus La Universal, a suggestive Grenache from the Domènech family, the fresh Grenache from the exemplary cooperative Capçanes, the Carignan from Portal del Montsant, the Grenache from the project of six winegrowers in the special town of La Figuera and the white from the architect Alfredo Arribas from his Trossos project.