Vinos Volumen II. Vinificación y clasificaciones | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932

Vinos Volumen II. Vinificación y clasificaciones

Vinos Volumen II. Vinificación y clasificaciones




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The academic definition of "vinification" is "fermentation of the grape must or transformation of the juice of the grape into wine". This definition seems perfect, but is this process really so limited? Does it happen only in the cellar fermentation room? or Does it start in the vineyard? What's more, Does it extend over time - and space - once the wine has been bottled?
This work has been carried out using the Sapiens methodology, which applies a new approach, enlightening and creative, to a subject on which there is an abundant bibliography.
In this volume, winemaking is explored, from a scientific and rigorous perspective, but without forgetting that winemaking is an activity that, in the event that its result moves, becomes an art. In this way, the techniques, tools and knowledge that allow obtaining a wine of the best quality are exposed.
This book also focuses on wine classifications as a compendium to organize and categorize a bottle of wine. These encourage creativity in the face of possible practical applications -in gastronomic restoration or in any other field- by ​​demonstrating that wines can be much more than "white or red".

664 pages

Text developed by: Equipo Bullipedia and Vila Viniteca
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