Weingut Heinrichshof Riesling Trocken Römische Kappelle 2019

Weingut Heinrichshof Riesling Trocken Römische Kappelle 2019

Riesling Trocken Komel Kappelle 2019 of Weingut Heinrichshof, winery run by brothers Peter and Ulrich Griebeler, is made with Riesling from Zeltingen (Germany), near the Mosel River, where the wines stand out for their elegance and mineral character. Intense on the nose with ripe aromas of lemon, orange and kumquat skin along with notes of pear and pineapple. Very intense and direct on the palate. A seductive and mature white wine, ideal as an aperitif and with fish, seafood rice and soft cheese.



Weingut Heinrichshof Riesling Trocken Komel Römische Kappelle 2019
 is made with Riesling from Zeltingen, in a vineyard planted on a hillside on slate soils and facing south. The grapes were harvested by hand and, later, the fermentation was carried out - cold - in the traditional Fuders. After fermentation, the wines were racked and remained on their lees throughout the ageing.
The 2019 vintage had a lower production, but with great expectations, since it predicted more fruity, mineral and acid wines, in short, in the words of the winery, “wines more Mosel than those of 2018”. The summer was again hot and dry, with extremely high temperatures that led to a substantial reduction in the harvest. Fall was, again, cooler and the late harvest produced a lighter and more vibrant Riesling look.

TASTING NOTES (Published in El Club July 2020)
Weingut Heinrichshof Riesling Trocken Komel Römische Kappelle 2019 has a straw yellow colour, very bright and limpid. On the nose it is very intense, with ripe aromas of lemon, orange and kumquat peel accompanied by notes of pear and pineapple. The aromatic set is seductive and mature, giving way to a very intense and direct palate, with excellent freshness accompanied by slightly sugary notes. Delicious memories of candied lemon peel, stone fruit such as nectarine, as well as pineapple and red apple. An ideal white for the aperitif, with grilled fatty fish such as turbot, seafood rice and all kinds of soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert. To be enjoyed from now on and for the next five years - served between 10 and 12ºC - in the Riesling glass from the Veritas series by Riedel (6449/15) or in the Riesling glass from the Vinum series by Riedel (446/15).